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7 comentários em “SP: 2.300

  1. Enryuu disse:

    300 capítulos…

    Essa segunda temporada não vai acabar, não? rs

  2. Shioon Lee disse:

    Tá parecendo one piece kkk

  3. FULL CHAPTER 300 – http://torrederak.com/forum/300.php


    Once upon a time Urek had entered the Hidden Floor. He said to Yellow that he just just wants to clear Hidden Stages, which Yellow let him do that

    However, by the time he cleared all stages and had to save his data, an error happened. Knowing that his saved data would be imperfect, Urek was enraged and broke the Mirror of the End when he went out. This is how the mirror is not separated into pieces.

    This affected the whole Hidden Floor. All of the data experienced error. The error also made Urek’s nemesis to stay in the Hidden Floor in an imperfect form, when it should have been deleted as Urek went out. This imperfect nemesis is the Young Urek we are seeing.

    After this incident Yellow made a Bug Room and put all of bugs in here.

    Yellow experienced error as well after this incident. This is how he started to get interested in real humans, and made a doll that resembles a human.

    Then, Yellow met Yura’s mother, and as we all know, it ended tragically. Yellow had to accept the fact that he is broken. He became like ‘human.’ The story reminds YHS about Batis.

    After Yellow lost his mother, he was disgusted with the whole system and decided to ‘leave the Hidden Floor.’

    His idea is that, if humans can be converted into data by the scale, why not the opposite? He wants to find a way to somehow revert the process. He wants to find the code that can do this, and reflect himself to the Mirror at the End with the code, so he can leave the Hidden Floor and live like a human.

    That’s Yellow’s goal, and Nemesis Urek just wants to delete himself, as he agrees with Mazino’s idea that Mazino should be perfect, not imperfect.

    So the plan is that Team Aguero and Rachel lure the scale into the Bug room, and nemesis Urek wrecks it. After explaining his plan, Yellow also reveals that Icarus is Rachel.
    Yellow tells them that since he holds a hostage for both teams, they must accept the deal. Team Aguero needs to get the Mirror at the End as well. Nemesis Urek adds a remark, saying don’t just worry about the hostages, since he will wreck them too if they do not accept it.

    They use the Bug room to move to the Hidden Hidden Floor. Bug room is like a black hole space in between mirrors. Even Zahard can’t monitor the place.

    As we all know, Zahard and Big Breeders live in the Hidden Hidden Floor, including Yellow’s real database. Yellow says that Big Breeders can’t get out from the Hidden Hidden Floor, but other Big Breeders are, in reality, disposable. Yellow periodically resets Big Breeder’s data and when it is no longer usable, he brings new data.

    Four people from team Aguero and Rachel will go to the third place where the scale exists, and lure the scale to the Hidden Hidden Floor.

    Seeing that there is a place that the scale did not know about, the scale will try to copy the Hidden Hidden Floor to make it balanced, which will cause the scale and the Hidden Hidden Floor to get dragged into the Bug Room. Which then Nemesis Urek will wreck the scale.

    Data Zahard breaks the first core that he found in the previous episode. He wonders if Baam will get up or not.

    Then suddenly several orbs appear and surround data Zahard. Zahard uses his Shinwonryu to destroy all of them.

    In the last scene, Baam appears with his own Shinwonryu. Zahard says “So this will be the real start?”

  4. Não vi o tópico referente ao resumo do capítulo 301, então resolvi postar aqui (em Inglês):

    Summary of chapter 301

    Baam learned to encompass shinwonryu with the Orb

    Flashbak. Eduan warns Baam to don’t make Zahard get too excited.

    Zahard likes an opponent who makes a strong challenge. Once he gets heated, he goes out of control.

    The moment when he shows his teeth is when the real fight begins.

    Zahard uses ‘Zahard Style Shinsoo Control Golden Bullet/Cannonball’ and ‘Zahard Style Killing Technique Shining Madness’

    Baam defends by compressing broken building structure with the Orb’s power. Zahard complements Baam’s Jangryuk

    Zahard breaks the compressed building structure with his fist. Baam is thrown away to the opposite wall.

    Then, Zahard realizes his knuckles are bleeding. What Baam did is that, the moment Baam got hit, Baam scattered the Orb into tiny pieces and put them in between Zahard and himself, which acted as a shield.

    Zahard is surprised, making such kind of move in a split second is not something that can be obtained by training. It is Baam’s natural ‘instinct.’

    Meanwhile, in the Third Space. Icarus, White, Aguero, and Rak came. Rak and Aguero fight as usual, but Icarus stops them, saying “.. Stop being noisy and concentrate. I doubt you two came in just to fight. If you want to continue, go back to the Bug Room.”

    “If the Scale’s mirror reflects you, it’s imminent ‘death.’”

    Back to Zahard and Baam. They found another core again.

    -Rice pot flashback-

    “I who is not defined by anyone… I had never thought about that.”

    “I had kept asking ‘who am I’ to others, and I am right here.”

    “I wanted to meet someone and hear about my past, and why was I born, and where should I go.”

    “When I first tried to find my power, I was distracted by my fractions, and was unable to know more about true myself.”

    “As I kept doing that, I was getting farther and farther away from myself. When ‘I’ am right here.”
    -Ends flashback-

    Zahard is trying to reach the second core.

    Baam ‘From now, I will look at them straight.’

    ‘Fear, rage, they are all- just false illusions made by me who is not me.’

    -Rice pot flashback-

    Baam draws a small line.

    “I will call this my power. Though it looks small and meaningless, I am the one who drew it.”

    “Not sure why I was lost and went to even far away places, when I already knew the answer. I probably wanted some grand solution.”

    “But now I know it. The only things that can prove me are things that I make. So this small line- is me.”

    -Ends flashback-

    Baam attacks Zahard with “Twenty-Fifth Baam Style Ultimate True Black Wing Floral Butterfly Piercing Technique.” It rips Zahard’s mask, revealing his right eye.

    Baam “From now, I will fight like ‘me.’”

  5. Marcos disse:

    saudade de quando as pessoas comentavam e criavam teorias


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